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9 Reasons Why the State of Colorado Rocks!

Nestled in the Southern Rocky Mountains at the Four Corners of Wild West, Colorado is the nation’s eighth largest state and arguable the most magical place in the United States. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, history nerd, urban dweller, mountain climber, sports lover, marijuana consumer, or ski bum, it is guaranteed that […]

8 Marijuana Recipes That You Must Try Today!

Whether you are a newbie to recreational marijuana or an experienced smoker, cooking foods containing cannabis products can open a variety of new experiences for your taste buds. Eating weed-infused foods offers more intense effects that last much longer than smoking it, which will leave your body feeling very happy and relaxed for a long […]

11 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

While recreational marijuana is still faced with controversy, the majority of Americans now believe that the drug should be legalized for medical purposes. In fact, more than 20 states that already passed legislation that allows medical marijuana. As a result of the nation’s shifting attitudes on legalizing marijuana for medicinal uses, researchers have led some […]

Proud Sponsor of the Classically Cannabis Event

The legalization of marijuana has, naturally, brought many surprises along its’ journey from prohibition. From drops in crime to organizations showing surprising acceptance, there seems to be a new shocking (and typically positive) news bit that shows up on the weekly. But one of the most outstanding, yet logical, insertions of cannabis into a culture […]

The FACTS about Marijuana and Exercise!

Despite the popular lazy stoner stereotype that depicts cannabis users camping out on the couch to watch a marathon of their favorite show rather than run in one, it turns out that marijuana and exercise have a deeper relationship than many believe. If you have ever wondered why so many active surfers, skaters, snowboarders, and […]

Cannabis Reform: Is Congress Listening?

Driven by the Drug War, over 749,000 people were arrested in 2012 in the United States for marijuana-related offenses alone, thus bringing the nation’s prison population to be nearly ten times as high as countries in Western Europe. As thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens continue to be put behind bars each year, it is clear […]

Growing Marijuana Organically: The Right Way!

As the art and science behind growing marijuana have advanced dramatically over the past few decades, more cannabis customers have become interested in growing marijuana organically, especially patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Not only does marijuana grown organically taste significantly better, but it also provides a stronger high and exceptional healing effects. Unlike typical […]