8 Marijuana Recipes That You Must Try Today!

Whether you are a newbie to recreational marijuana or an experienced smoker, cooking foods containing cannabis products can open a variety of new experiences for your taste buds. Eating weed-infused foods offers more intense effects that last much longer than smoking it, which will leave your body feeling very happy and relaxed for a long period of time.

Since weed needs to be prepared in a unique manner to ensure that the digestive system can digest the THC properly, it is strongly recommended that you follow marijuana recipes that can be found around the Internet and start slow. Below we provide an overview of our favorite marijuana recipes as well as a link to the original recipe for you to try them out today!

1. Delightfully Dosed Butternut Soup

With the chilly fall wind right around the corner as summer comes to close, it is a great time to curl up with a bowl of Delightfully Dosed Butternut Soup and enjoy the medicinal effects of its ingredients. Following a very simple recipe with just three steps, the soup is finished with weed-infused butter or oil to enhance the relaxing qualities of its butternut squash, celery, carrots, parsley, and thyme. We recommend that you double the recipe and freeze the extra soup to make quick weekday meals after a long day at work.

2. Toked Tacos

If you have ground beef, taco seasoning, some taco shells, and cannabis edibles lying around, then you have the makings for Toked Tacos! With little to no medicated flavor, these tacos offer the perfect way to hide the taste of cannabutter with strong Mexican ingredients. As the beef, cheese, butter, toppings, and special green sauce combine into one simple and delicious taco, it is like a fiesta in your mouth.

3. Ganja Jerk Chicken

Looking to fire up the grill to get in one last summer barbecue with your friends? Spice up the party by adding in a bit of hash oil or THC honey to create a mouth-watering jerk glaze for pouring over Ganja Jerk Chicken. As one of the simplest marijuana recipes, you simply need to mix jerk chicken marinade with hash oil or THC honey, smother the chicken with the weed-infused glaze, toss them on the grill, and cook to perfection!

4. Strawberry Banana Marijuana Pancakes

What better way is there to start off the day on a high note than with some marijuana? Since breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day, we highly recommend a stack of the sweet Strawberry Banana Marijuana Pancakes to wake up your taste buds. With a few tablespoons of melted cannabutter, these fluffy pancakes can be served with butter and syrup or covered in more strawberries and whipped cream. Of course, this recipe is only suggested for the weekend, unless you work from home.

5. Medicated Muddy Buddies

When snack time rolls around, we are fond of grabbing some Medicated Muddy Buddies to chew on some crunchy, sweet, and salty perfection. In a simple weed-infused recipe, these snacks are created by combining rice chex cereal, canna-oil, peanut butter, and chocolate chips into a large plastic bag before coating the ingredients with powdered sugar. Since the recipe makes enough for three to four servings, there will be plenty to share with friends or save for a rainy day. If you eat the whole bag, it will likely put you right to sleep.

6. Jerome Chang’s Pot Brownies

While you may not eat pot brownies for their chocolatey goodness, the truth remains that most weed-infused brownies do not taste well and are a waste of the cash spent on the marijuana. Luckily, we have found an exceptional recipe for Jerome Chang’s Pot Brownies, which were created by the mastermind of DessertTruck Works in New York City. At last, there are pot brownies that are every bit as good as the high they provide you. With special add-ons like butterscotch chips, mini marshmallows, and high-quality chocolate shavings, these are the ultimate decadent, rich, and overstuffed brownies you crave.

7. Magical Magic Cookie Bars

Another mandatory second dessert is the Magical Magic Cookie Bars, which blend a cup of cannabutter together with graham cracker crumbs, condensed milk, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips to make a scrumptious bedtime snack. Beyond its tempting taste, one of the beauties of this marijuana recipe is that it allows you to order the layers however you may wish as long as you begin with the graham cracker crust. In fact, you can even substitute the ingredients for you own favorite sweet stuffs, including peanuts, raisins, butterscotch chips, and white chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

8. Mini Pecan Pot Tarts

Okay, just one more of our favorite munchies for the road. Mini Pecan Pot Tarts are nutty, chocolatey pecan bites that offer a potent high in a low-calorie dessert. In another of the stoner simple marijuana recipes, all you will need to make these pecan tarts is a 24-cup mini muffin pan and a half hour of your time. Close out your summer with this adorable tasty bite that packs a weed-infused wallop, but don’t eat more than two! We recommend pairing the pecan pot tarts with some single-malt scotch to provide the double-whammy effect of deliciousness.

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