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The legalization of marijuana has, naturally, brought many surprises along its’ journey from prohibition. From drops in crime to organizations showing surprising acceptance, there seems to be a new shocking (and typically positive) news bit that shows up on the weekly. But one of the most outstanding, yet logical, insertions of cannabis into a culture would have to be that of The Colorado Symphony.

I heard of “Classically Cannabis” a few months ago when you could still buy tickets and thought it was brilliant, if not, a lot risqué. Of course, drama ensued. Since the preliminary sale of tickets, the City of Denver found that legally the event could not be open to the public in any way, including providing information about the event, if cannabis were to be consumed. Despite this the Colorado Symphony has gracefully adapted their strategy of reaching to all corners of the social realm to include the legal and booming business of cannabis.

On May 23, July 15, and August 15, WellSpring Collective was a proud sponsor of the first ever summer concert series “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.” Since no one on the business side was allowed to legally promote the event, I’m here to paint a picture of what happened and, hopefully, explain where we’re headed in terms of “high” class events.

The evening was surreal and dream-like from the moment I entered the gallery (and no, I was not high….yet). To answer the most frequent questions I’ve received so far: I was dressed to the nines and so was everyone else; as a late 20-something, I was by far one of the youngest in attendance; and just about everyone there could boast an impressive resume/CV. In other words, no, this event was not inundated with pot-smoking college kids. (I have nothing against that BTW, I’m just making a point that maybe cannabis is much more accepted by the “types” we think snub their nose to it?)

Next, imagine being in a beautiful art gallery in which open consumption of marijuana is allowed; the outdoor patio is host to free food from Denver’s best food trucks, including ice cream and popsicles, various fruit-infused water coolers line the sidewalk, and an open bar sits nearly un-visited in the corner. Add to that the best music you could hope to hear in one evening and you have summed up “Classically Cannabis.”

By the end of the night, my belly was delightfully full and I was smiling ear to ear. The music was like a score out of a movie, the summer air was perfect, and my friends and I all talked about how wonderful this was compared to being just about anywhere else. True bliss. I can only dream of what the social scene could be in 5 years if this continues.

With the legalization of cannabis, there has been a battle to diminish the preconceived notions of the evils of marijuana. While caution should always be exercised when consuming marijuana products, the all-too-common-talked-about negatives might not be so bad after all. If the Classically Cannabis series is a precursor to the potential of accepting the cannabis industry, then I can only see beneficial gains.

The next event, “Red Rocks On A High Note” will be held at Red Rocks on September 13. Consumption of marijuana is not allowed at this event but the spirit of Classically Cannabis will carry over. Exceptional music, delicious food, drinks, and be sure to bring your friends – you will be guaranteed a night of bliss.

For more information on “Red Rocks On A High Note” or to read about “Classically Cannabis” click here:

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