The Ultimate Denver Cannabis Tour for the Grown and Sexy!

Ever since the Mile High City learned the news that Colorado’s law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana took effect, companies have been popping up to offer Denver cannabis tours to cater to the new breed of tourists flocking to the state. After all, there are about 650 dispensaries in Colorado for visitors to choose from. From snack-equipped party buses to chauffeured Volkswagens and luxurious stretch limos, marijuana tours provide excursions to the best dispensaries, grow facilities, and workshops that Denver has to offer.
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Proud Sponsor of the Classically Cannabis Event

The legalization of marijuana has, naturally, brought many surprises along its’ journey from prohibition. From drops in crime to organizations showing surprising acceptance, there seems to be a new shocking (and typically positive) news bit that shows up on the weekly. But one of the most outstanding, yet logical, insertions of cannabis into a culture would have to be that of The Colorado Symphony.
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