The Ultimate Denver Cannabis Tour for the Grown and Sexy!

Ever since the Mile High City learned the news that Colorado’s law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana took effect, companies have been popping up to offer Denver cannabis tours to cater to the new breed of tourists flocking to the state. After all, there are about 650 dispensaries in Colorado for visitors to choose from. From snack-equipped party buses to chauffeured Volkswagens and luxurious stretch limos, marijuana tours provide excursions to the best dispensaries, grow facilities, and workshops that Denver has to offer.

However, since tour operators are seeking to cash in on the green rush, these well-wrapped cannabis vacation packages can set you back up to $1,000 or more per person. If you are seeking to stay on budget by saving your money for purchasing some of the best and most potent marijuana in the world, there are still plenty of self-directed activities you can do in the “Napa Valley of Cannabis.” Below we have listed the must-see highlights so that you can plan the ultimate Denver cannabis tour!

1. Puff, Pass & Paint Art Studio

As home to Denver’s first 420-friendly all-inclusive art classes, the Puff, Pass & Paint Art Studio is owned by the locally grown painter Heidi Keyes, who offers intimate two-hour smoking sessions filled with canvas, cocktails, and cannabis. Whether you’re looking for a solo excursion or a fun date night, the studio provides a unique outlet for marijuana enthusiasts to express themselves in creating their own mind-altered masterpiece under the guidance of a true artist.

Available for various levels of expertise, Puff, Pass & Paint is not focused on having the perfect artistic talents to paint like Monet. It is instead about being part of a laidback atmosphere that enables you to freely create artwork in an open-minded venue while smoking marijuana. Since all classes hold only nine students at most, students are guaranteed individual attention in an easygoing community for joint-passing ease.

2. Stir Cooking School

Within the beautiful historic Highlands area of Denver, the Stir Cooking School offers a “Stoner Bowl Cooking Class” for adults seeking to tweak their cooking techniques to add marijuana into meals from a professional chef! Ranging from $70-$80 per person, these hands-on cooking classes enable students to make everything on the day’s menu, which includes five mouth-watering cannabis-infused dishes. Not only are students specifically trained how to cook with cannabis and learn the correct cannabis oil breakdown, but every graduate of the class gets free samples to take home afterwards too.

3. Primal Wellness Day Spa & Studio

If you are in need of some serious relaxation, Primal Wellness Day Spa & Studio is one of the best options for being pampered like a princess. Unlike traditional spa packages, Primal Wellness infuses cannabis products into each of their comforting treatments. From deep tissue massages and hot stone therapy to signature facial scrubs and manicures, the day spa offers a wide range of esthetician services in a variety of styles.

Using only top of the line equipment, extra comfortable massage tables, and exceptional cannabis-infused skin products, Primal Wellness is the perfect stop for Denver cannabis tours for relaxing spa treatments that truly improve overall health. In fact, the treatments utilize the healing powers of cannabis to ease pain, boost immunity, relieve anxiety or depression, improve sleep quality, enhance blood flow, improve joint flexibility, and decrease toxins.

4. Bud & Breakfast at The Adagio

When looking for lodging in the Mile High City, nobody caters to marijuana enthusiasts better than the Bud & Breakfast at The Adagio. Nestled in the heart of one of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods within a spacious and charming Victorian home, the Adagio prides itself on offering the premier 420-friendly accommodations in the city. After spending the night in one of the six quiet and comfortable suites, guests are welcome to enjoy a Wake-and-Bake session with an uplifting marijuana-infused gourmet breakfast.

Within minutes from downtown Denver, the Adagio is the perfect starting point for sight-seeing, taking a hike, or doing some shopping at nearby recreational dispensaries. Guests can also join in the 4:20 Happy Hour in the communal area for sampling scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, locally brewed beers, and a spread of three cannabis strains. As the sun starts to set, the fully stocked Bud Bar boasts some of the best marijuana and edibles in Colorado for some much-need R&R in the gorgeous outdoor gardens.

5. Illuzion Glass Galleries

Each year, hundreds of thousands of smoking aficionados sign up for Denver cannabis tours to set their sights on the massive wall of pipes on display at the Illuzion Glass Galleries. Nestled between 2nd and 3rd Street on Broadway in Denver, this unique art gallery features ornate glass blown pipes and smoking devices crafted by more than 75 locally and nationally recognized glass artists. Within the gallery’s showcase is a 30-inch high bong worth $45,000 as well as a $60,000 glass pirate ship with a removable center mast for smoking. If that’s a bit out of your price range, the Galleries also sell glass pipes starting at just $5.

6. Wellspring Collective

Last but certainly not least, no Denver cannabis tour could be complete without a stop at the high-end marijuana boutique at Wellspring Collective. Boasting all top shelf cannabis products, Wellspring Collective provides a safe professional environment for dispensing both recreational and medical marijuana for a wide range of alternative health services.

From edibles and flowers to extracts and topicals, Wellspring Collective offer a one-stop shop for satisfying all of your purchasing needs with experienced industry professionals. Within a friendly atmosphere, the menu at Wellspring Collective stands out among other dispensaries across the state for being the #1 choice for purchasing medical and recreational marijuana on ultimate Denver cannabis tours.

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